Our cancellation policy assures minimum penalties for cancellation of the booking. Under certain circumstances that may include poor climatic conditions and affected environment or any social and political issues, airlines may have sudden changes in their timings. This may cause flight delays or the situation may lead to the cancellation of the bookings. In such situations, we have no option left rather than to cancel your booking. However, we try our best to minimize such situations.

At that time, we may make some important changes to your trip. This may be done before scheduled departure and as per the information provided at the time of booking. It may have some influential effects on the journey but will be done best from our side. After making the changes we do inform our clients as soon as possible. At that time, we need to contact you in order to make some other necessary changes regarding the trip.

At the time of flight cancellation airlines also provide its customer with the necessary and complete details of other routes and dates. This will help you to book different flights under the same budget and same class if airlines assure it.

At such situation passengers will be provided with the following options to pick from:-

  • Either the passenger confirms to adjust to the changes made or we will find alternatives for their tour in the same class.
  • Although if you do not agree to this compensation or a refund is provided if you are an eligible candidate. To eligible candidates, we make every effort to give a refund.
  • When passengers are unsatisfied with the adjustments made, they may choose alternate options.

All of the policies are applicable if the changes and cancelations are done from our side. On the other hand, if cancellations or changes are made from your side then we are not responsible for any refund. At that time, we cannot assure you of any type of refund or compensation.


If you have any doubts or queries related to the booking or cancellation of tickets, we can forward the whole scenario to the airlines on your behalf.

A request can also be made to provide you with certain solutions. But we cannot make a promise related to compensation or refund.


  • No Cancellation service is valid only on complete cancellation of the itinerary within 24 hours of booking.
  • Cancellations can be done easily by just making a phone call to us.
  • If not elaborately discussed or specified, most of the travel bookings are non-refundable so you cannot expect us to refund.
  • For cancellation of tickets, you may be charged some fee.

You will receive an email just after you apply for the cancellation of the ticket but this does not mean that you will get the refund after the cancellation unless it is confirmed by the executive.

There are certain fare rules mentioned by airlines that must be followed by us for each booking. Your refund can only be initiated after confirming whether the fare rules make you eligible. It could take 4 to 6 business weeks in order to refund the payment to eligible candidates.


*Airline Special offers and air fares mentioned are for flights from USA, one way, INCLUSIVE of TAXES and without any HIDDEN COST. However, the lowest airfares are subject of availability. Once you have picked the fare of your choice let us know to confirm the availability of seats for a particular day of your choice.

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